The Financial Assistance Program was designed to ease the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis and help the family focus on healing. The program is available to assist with necessity items related to your child’s cancer. Items including rent/mortgage, utilities, travel to treatment, child care, food, fuel, parking, and other ancillary medical costs will be considered. The following requirements represent the overall eligibility guidelines and serve as key principles.

Eligibility Guidelines

1) The applicant must be on active treatment for a pediatric cancer.

2) The applicant must be recommended by a social worker, oncologist, child life specialist, or other hospital employee that is familiar with the family and their financial situation.

3) Families may be prioritized by need, but no family will be ineligible because of their income level.

4) Patients must live or be treated in the state of Kentucky.

5) Families can apply once per calendar year for assistance for as long as their child is on treatment.

6) The financial assistance program is not a wish-granting programs and its funds cannot be used for trips or experiences that are out of the scope of everyday needs.

How Assistance Is Granted

Applications are reviewed once a month by a committee and are granted based on funds available. The program seeks to assist as many families as possible but realizes the needs are great and not every request will be funded. Families may re-apply for assistance if it is not able to be granted the first time. Assistance is sent directly to service providers (utility companies, landlords, etc) whenever possible. Please assist us in dispersing these funds by providing the most accurate information possible on your application. We will contact you once the status of your application is determined.